Under 20 Player Development Programme



Cork Constitution FC under 20’s rugby, has been around for over 20 years and in that time have won the Fraser Mc Mullan (All Ireland Trophy) on two occasions. In 2022/23 we are putting in place a comprehensive player development programme, firstly to supplement the senior and junior sections in the club, but also to develop young players capabilities to progress and develop in their rugby careers.

In Cork Constitution FC we are proud of our under 20’s structures and in recent years it has been a feeder into all sections of the club, Munster, and Ireland. In the 6 years prior to Covid 19, Cork Constitution FC have provided 15 players to the successful Irish under 20 teams, who have won Grand Slams and competed on the world stage, most recently Jack Crowley, Sean French, and John Wren.

The club realise the value of the Under 20 grade in the ever-competitive environment of Irish Rugby and as we approach the new season, we have developed a programme to grow the Under 20’s structures in the club.

For the coming season a proven coaching team comprising past captains and senior players will head up the news structure:
Jerry Murray (forwards/defence)
Dave Hurley (backs/attack)
Ian Mitchell (scrum)

In addition, specialist inputs from the Senior Coaching Team, will also be integrated into the programme during the year, including:
Johnny Holland
Denis Fogarty
Billy Holland
Duncan Williams

To supplement the coaching structure, the club have put a solid Player Welfare Team in place for the coming season:
Ciaran O’Regan (S&C)
Lauren Falvey (Physio)
Niall Murray (Manager)
Barry Jones (Logistics)

In the coming seasons, we will endeavour to identify and develop the skills of rugby football and the objective is to equip our players with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to succeed in both the amateur and professional era, both on and off the pitch. Being part of a club like Cork Constitution is not only about developing the skills of rugby, but equally important is to equip players with skill and competencies to prepare for a professional life, outside of rugby.
This year, we are conscious the Leaving Results are later than normal, and we welcome you at any stage in Temple Hill if you are coming to College in Cork. Also, for the coming season, the opportunity to change clubs is available to players up to October and we welcome all players at any stage.

We will also be providing taxi’s from the gates of UCC and MTU for players requiring a lift to training and matches.

See you on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 7pm for Training and our 1st game scheduled for the 1st of October.

Come along over the coming weeks, we look forward to seeing you in Cork Constitution FC

Niall Murray
Manager under 20 Rugby