Cork Constitution Football Club Announces Exciting 5-Year Partnership With Kukri Sports.

Cork Constitution Football Club, one of Ireland’s most prestigious rugby institutions, established in
1892, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Kukri Sports, a global leader in sports apparel.

This historic agreement marks the beginning of a five-year collaboration between Cork Constitution FC and Kukri
Sports, two entities whose core values perfectly align, celebrating the spirit of rugby and the commitment to
excellence both on and off the pitch.

Under this partnership, Kukri Sports will provide Cork Constitution FC with high-quality sportswear apparel,
ensuring that the club’s teams and members are fully equipped to perform at their best, whether on the rugby
field or in everyday life. Kukri Sports dedication to producing top-tier, innovative sportswear aligns seamlessly
with Cork Constitution FC’s commitment to achieving the highest standards of performance.

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the opportunity it presents to Cork Constitution FC
members and fans. Through the agreement, club members will gain access to a dedicated online shopping
platform, where they can easily purchase a wide range of officially branded Cork Constitution FC apparel. This
online shopping experience will provide a convenient and efficient way for supporters to proudly wear the club’s
colours and emblem, further strengthening the bond between the club and its dedicated fan base.

Cork Constitution FC President, Mr Pat Twomey, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating,”We
are delighted to welcome Kukri Sports into the Cork Constitution FC family. This partnership symbolises our club’s
commitment to excellence and innovation, both on and off the rugby field. With Kukri Sports exceptional
products and our shared values, we look forward to achieving great success together over the next five years.”

Kukri Sports’ Country Manager, Neil Patterson, also shared his excitement, saying, “Partnering with Cork
Constitution FC, a club with such a rich history and passionate following, is an incredible opportunity for Kukri
Sports. We are proud to provide the club with the finest sportswear and look forward to outfitting the team as
they continue to make their mark in Irish rugby.”

This partnership between Cork Constitution FC and Kukri Sports represents a significant milestone in the club’s
storied history, marking a commitment to excellence, both in performance and in the representation of the Cork
Constitution FC brand. Together, these two entities are poised to make a lasting impact on the world of rugby and
sports apparel.

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