Cork CON MIni’s

Our Future Stars

Cork CON MIni’s

Our Future Stars

Let the games begin! #teamforlife

With fun as the most important factor, the forthcoming Season promises to be an exciting one as games and blitz events will take place throughout the season. Playing matches is an important developmental element of Mini-Rugby. Teams should be prepared to play games at home and away in the Cork region throughout the season, apart from our U7s who will not be required to travel. Parents participation and help with away fixtures is an important element of this and will be welcomed.

To best deliver team spirit and results for our mini-rugby players, we have streamlined our coaching (‘on-field) and administrative functions to allow us to focus on fun, skills development, and the values of participation.

The Club uses the Clubforce App to relay messages and invite participants to training events. All participants are encouraged to download this App to improve their experience. For new members, on your arrival, you will be advised on the use of Clubforce, Registration, and our online (Nike) ‘club shop’.

Cork Constitution F.C. offers you a ‘Team for Life’ (#teamforlife) opportunity. Not only as a rugby team with all the excitement that brings, but as a place where individuals can grow and learn some of life’s greatest values such as respect, integrity, friendship, courage and dignity, while pursuing and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Cork Constitution F.C. is not just about the players but also the very many participants who contribute to this community club in different ways. Therefore, all are welcome.

Our team of Coaches, several of whom have played rugby at the highest international level, do not see themselves as Rugby Coaches, but rather as the Coaches of kids who play Rugby. Our motto is “Let Them Play”. Your help in achieving this is appreciated.

Cork Constitution F.C. has a proud tradition of developing rugby players to the highest levels of the game. Most of them began playing rugby with our Mini Section. Therefore, “from little acorns mighty acorns grow”.

As Peter O’Mahony is currently the greatest Cork Constitution F.C. exemplar of such like development, we have a life size image of Peter available at the Club, for all new members to avail of the opportunity for a milestone photograph.

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U7s, U8s, U9s & U10s train every saturday at 9:30am

U11s, U12s train every Saturday at 10:45am – 12:00pm

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Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

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