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Ulster Bank are new IRFU Community and Club Sponsor

Irish Rugby Club of the Year Cork Constitutions President Der O’Riordan has welcomed John Hussey Vice President of the IRFU announcement that Ulster Bank is the new sponsor of the Club and Community game in Ireland.  He believes it is the boost the club game needs in Irish Rugby.  The mindset of the club has to change if it is survive in a game that now focuses so much of its time and effort to the provinces and this announcement comes just at the right time.

Der agrees with John that it is an extremely positive step for the domestic game and was delighted to hear Philip Browne state that the club game is the foundation of our game in Ireland. Der believes the domestic club game is absolutely crucial to the future of rugby in Ireland and the announcement can only help the development of the clubs over the coming years.

Listening to Ulster Bank's Ellvena Graham at the launch to announce that Ulster Bank will become the Official Community Rugby Partner to the IRFU, a partnership which includes title sponsorship of the All-Ireland League and of the Ireland Club International team until 2014 Constitution were delighted with the news considering community engagement and active membership is the cornerstone of Constitutions three year plan. 

We are measured by the success of our teams and the AIL is our barometer but so much more can happen before and after 2.30pm to 4pm on a Saturday which Constitution are proving. 

We are a club proud of our past and focused on our future and the only way be believe we will achieve additional success is through active participation, working with other clubs, joined up thinking and being aligned to initiatives like the RBS (Ulster Bank) RugbyForce   Clubs have to help themselves is the message coming out of Temple Hill this year and it’s working. 

We looked into the RBS(Ulster Bank) RugbyForce, which is part of the sponsorship deal and being a community volunteer programme which helps local rugby clubs to improve their facilities it will allow us in Constitution to expand on our objectives for the season. 

Constitution this year is all about self help and it is music in our ears to hear the IRFU having the foresight to bring in a sponsor that is so focused on the community game at grass roots. We agree with Jerry Flannery who stated at the launch that thenew initiative emphasises 'the ethos of community and of volunteering which is vital in keeping grassroots rugby alive. 

We in of Cork Constitution believe in volunteering we call it active membership

Cork Constitution FC