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Minutes of the annual general meeting 2014/2015

Ian O’Leary – PRESIDENT chaired the meeting which was attended by 54 members all of whom signed the register of attendees which is appended to these minutes


ITEM 1.    Apologies :
Don O’Riordan , Landy Hill , Mark O’Sullivan , Garry Duffy , Ralph Keyes , Hugh Foley , Colm Murphy , Michael O’Gorman , Kenny Murphy , Dan O’Connell and Niall Murray .


ITEM 2.   Deceased members :
A minutes silence was observed in honour of those members who passed away since the last AGM .


ITEM 3. Minutes :
The minutes of the AGM of last year , having been online for the last two weeks as is now the custom , were approved by the meeting and signed by the President .


ITEM 4.  Honorary  Secretary’s Report :
In the 11 and a half months since the last AGM , the Executive has met on 20 occasions which comfortably exceeds the one per month as stipulated by the club rules . Without exception , each and every committee Chairman and the constituent members have been of  courteous assistance in every way at the Executive or in subsequent dealings . I would like to acknowledge the absolutely invaluable assistance that our club Secretary has been . Fiona Burke is unfailingly helpful and a veritable mine of information in relation to the club or the Branch . Many thanks .

As you all know , Brian Humphries is stepping down from his role as Chairman of the Management committee . Under Brians stewardship and in difficult times , the club has flourished and thrived in the face of economic hardship . It is in no small way , that due to the hard work of his committee and his enthusiasm that the obstacles were overcome and we are so well placed looking to the future . My thanks to Brian for his guidance , in particular , in my early days as Hon. Sec..

To Ian O’Leary , (1) my thanks for his kind invitation to be club secretary . I hope his trust in me was well founded and (2) my gratitude for a thoroughly enjoyable year . Throughout the year Ian proved a resourceful and insightful President through items such as the Bateman cup and the club International and was always willing to take calls or offer advice . Now Ian will have time to relax and play golf and wind down after a tough three year stint .

Finally , to Colin Kilbride , an absolute gentleman and true friend – I will be forever grateful for your unstinting courtesy and willingness to divulge the vast repertoire of rugby administration you have accumulated . Enjoy your retirement – for the present . I wish the club all the best for the coming season ,I look forward to working with my other club Officers and wish Peter O’Leary and Michael Daly  well . 

ITEM  5.  Club Captains Report :
Gerry told the meeting that we had a great start to the season by beating Bohs . Ballinahinch and Lansdowne and continued this into the Munster cup which we retained by beating Garryowen in the final .Tough inconsistent through the year , we finished strongly with the retention of he Bateman cup against UCD and showed that , on our day , we can beat any side .
This will allow the confidence to bring a consistency to next setason for players which will please Tom Mulcahy , Mick O’Driscoll and Terry Dillon who did such a wonderful job this season . Also to Jerry Murray , Tom Kiernan , Anthony Horgan and Ian Mitchell my gratitude for the support you all gave the Senior squad even in difficult times . To Jerry Holland , Ian Doyle and Matt Kearney , Kenny Murphy , Dr. Tom Cahill , Brian fox and Alan Keane , my thanks also , for administration , logistics and keeping us all in one piece medically on the field  . Ian O’Leary was hugely supportive and e ngaged with the team at all opportunities . Best of luck to Peter O’Leary as incoming . Good luck too, to Brian Walsh and Micko on their appointment to the senior Munster coaching ticket – well deserved . Congratulations to the u/20 team on winning the Fraser McMullen trophy and to Max Abbott , Rory Burke , Daragh Moloney and Ryan Foley on their participation in the u/20 World cup.

Thank you to all in CCFC for the appointment to Captain such a prestigious club . I have enjoyed it immensely .

ITEM 6.  Statement of accounts and Hon. Treasurers report :
The Hon. Treasurer , Jim Murphy , presented his accounts for the year  to the meeting . Afterwards , he took questions from the floor regarding same . The accounts are not available online but , on appointment with the Hon. Treasurer , any member who has a fully paid up subscription  may view same. A full financial statement is attached to the hard copy of the minutes .

ITEM 7. Presidents Address :

The President , Ian O’Leary began by thanking Finian O’Driscoll for the opportunity to be President of such a prestigious club and acknowledged that the support and structures in CCFC made the job that bit easier . It was a challenge but a wonderful experience . Apologies for no trophies . Financially , the club received income from gate monies , sponsorship , AIL assistance , and the club programme in difficult economic times . We also garnered income from the hire of our facilities , parties , etc. which are available in a beautiful premises , good location and with good food and service .
In the current climate , there are huge issues with the game divided between the amateur and professional games . Within our orbit , the obvious benefit accruing to Dublin clubs in 1A are the Friday night derby games and resultant financial windfalls . This is in some way due to the IRFU/Leinster getting their own way and keeping the clubs at heel with no professional involvement . The recently published sustainability report ensures that there are no real costs to the game ie. IRFU .

We are well positioned too in terms of our people – with Greg Barrett at the IRFU , Bertie Smith as incoming Munster President , Brian Humphries as Chairman of the Senior clubs group , Padraig Higgins in finance at the South Munster branch and the senior Munster coaching ticket of Mick O’Driscoll , Brian Walsh , Garrett FitzGerald . John Kelly is Chairman of the professional game committee .
Our current sponsors , Kearys , are staying with us for another year but we will lose Euromedic after the generous 3 years . Our thanks and appreciation for their contribution . Into the future , we are currently exploring new option which may become open to the club .

My thanks to Jerry Holland (Rugby), Ray Clarke (financial projects) , Peter and Dermot O’Leary and Peter O’Sullivan (bar) , Michaels Daly and Boland (H+G) , Don O’Riordan and Rose Dunne (membership) , Frank O’Connor , Don O’Riordan and Ross O’Dowling (lunches) , our Toastmaster Tony Roche , Pat Twomey (ezine) , Clodagh and Erica O’Sullivan (shop) , Der O’Riordan and Pat Moynihan ( website ) Finian O’Driscoll (sponsorship) , Kevin Fielding (juveniles) , Aidan McNamara , Hugh Foley and Kevin Flanagan (youths) , Jim Murphy and Pat Twomey (finance and ticketmaster) , John O’Mahony (secretary) our office manager Fiona Burke and our trustees Gary Horgan , Landy Hill , Tom Kiernan and Noel Murphy .

A special mention for Brian Humphries . It was a second term for Brian . First as President, then as chairman of the Management committee .   A quick thinker and a massive support - as a successful businessman his contribution was immeasurable . In his role of chairman of the Senior clubs, CCFC are the envy of many others . Joanne , will now get to spend some time with him !
Brian is to be replaced by Michael Daly . A proven quantity and a remarkably efficient operator , Michael was the project manager on the new club house so his value is evident . An astute doer , I wish him well .
Highs and lows : Bruce Springsteen-BBQ – volunteerism : Saturday morning coffee-now a social event : Viber- the value of the ladies in the club and a new departure : Der- Sunday night debriefings : Valentines night- Gerald Kean and Lisa : Dolphinx2 : President and Captains dinner –with the Munster senior cup : the tornado – blew the roof off the dressing rooms :  u/20’s- Fraser McMullen win : Rory , Max , Daragh , Ryan , Mossy and Tomas – represented their country : Pat “Crash” – Miracle recovery : Rea Kennedy – leaving Mothercare .

Tom Cahill – loss of Fiona :  Brian Wayne – RIP : Kenny Murphy – a “special one” : Jack Kyle and the 16 year old lady on the boat : Sean Kelly – opening Croke park : the Bateman cup – Gerry Hurley and all the players .
Finally , to Peter my best wishes for the year . With Peter Good and Jerry Holland to follow , that will take us to our 125th  . The club is in a good place and I am proud to be on the board in such august company . 
My thanks to my wife Jane and my family and to all members for a wonderful year .


ITEM 8. Club Appointments :

Position Candidate Proposed by Seconded by
President Peter O’Leary Ian O’Leary Greg Barrett
Senior Deputy Peter Good Peter O’Leary Finian O’Driscoll
Junior Deputy Jerry Holland Peter Good Pat O’Keeffe
Hon. Treasurer Jim Murphy Ian O’Leary Peter O’Leary
Hon. Secretary John O’Mahony Jim Murphy Paul Derham
Chair.of Manag Michael Daly Brian Humphries Brian Ludgate
Vice President Kevin Fielding Peter Good Pat Twomey
  Hugh Foley Ian O’Leary Peter O’Leary
  Rea Kennedy Peter O’Leary Brian Humphries
  Ken FitzGerald Brian Humphries Peter O’Leary
  Executive Member Clo. O’Sullivan Ian O’Leary
  Don Mullins Jerry Holland Pat O’Keeffe
  Tony Roche Noel Walsh Stan Waldron
Hon. Auditor Eileen Keyes Jim Murphy Finian O’Driscoll
Hon. Solicitor Ray Shanahan John O’Mahony Jim Murphy

ITEM 9. Elections :
On the night , the Director of Rugby , Jerry Holland recommended to the Executive that  the following should be the Senior XV coaching ticket .
(1.)    Coach : Tom Tierney  and David Corkery,
(2.)    Manager : Kenny Murphy ,
(3.)    Selector  : Ralph Keyes .
The DOR also recommended that Tom Mulcahy coach the u/20’s , assisted by Paul McCarthy and don Mullins .
Both recommendations were endorsed by the Executive .

ITEM 10. The Presidents Acceptance :
       My thanks to Ian for inviting me to be President of this prestigious club following my Dad , uncle Archie and my brother . To my wife Gillian , daughter Jenny and son Robert too , for embracing the year with me . 
Well done to Ian for the fantastic job he did throughout the year . The support Ian got from all members made this possible .
Since the scouts approached me to join Con., I have been involved in all areas of the club and loved it all . We have an awesome juvenile system and must continue to nurture it . As a Senior selector for 8 years , I was lucky to have been with wonderful coaches and players and I’m immensely proud of that …..even if I was away for a few weekends .
New players and committees have been put in place . Thank you to all who helped . We are so lucky in having so many willing to help the club .Your time is greatly appreciated .
I have 3 goals for the season . 
            I will do everything I can to support our teams to achieve success ,
            I will do my best to hand over to peter Good , a financially secure club and
            I will promote Con. as the premier club to ensure the talented young players want to join.
To all who are retiring , thank you and congratulations . The club is a better place for your time and contributions . I hope next season is as successful from u/6 to our Seniors .
I have always been proud to be a member of CCFC and hope at the end of the season , you will feel that I carried out my role as President in the manner which does honour to our club .

ITEM 11. Subscriptions and Budget :
Jerry Holland proposed the adoption of the annual accounts . This was seconded by Peter O’Leary .
The subscription levies were proposed by Finian O’Driscoll and seconded by Jim Murphy .

Jim Murphy wished to have his admiration for the club’s volunteers recorded . He said that without these people , and there are so many he did not wish to begin using names , we could not survive . Bertie Smith wished to be associated with those remarks .
Stan Waldron wished to congratulate Michael Boland on the excellent job he did in providing the club with its own water – via the well . A worthy exercise , said the Treasurer, given the relatively modest cost to the club .

There being no further business, the President closed the meeting.

Cork Constitution FC